Senator Bob Casey’s Office Inundated with Calls and Emails Asking Him to Support Marriage Equality

The Pennsylvania lawmaker is one of a few Democratic senators who have yet to announce their support for same-sex marriage.

This week, as oral arguments in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases were being heard in the Supreme Court, several Democratic Senators added their names to the list of same-sex marriage supporters. Among those to speak out were senators from typically red states, like Jon Tester (Montana),  Mark Begich (Alaska) and Claire McCaskill (Virginia). This leaves only a handful of Democratic Senators who have yet to publicly support the issue — one of which, embarrassingly, is Pennsylvania’s own Bob Casey.

His glaring lack of support caught the eyes of orgs like Keystone Progress and, who put out a call to members to contact the senator and tell him to get on the marriage-equality bandwagon. Within a few hours, Casey’s office was flooded with calls and emails — more than 10,000 of them. In a press release, Keystone Progress Executive Director Michael Morrill points out that, “Even North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, who faces a difficult re-election campaign next year, can support marriage equality. … There is no reason why Sen. Casey can’t join the majority of Pennsylvanians who want equality for lesbian and gay couples.”

Morrill promises that the campaign to change Casey’s mind will continue and “increase with intensity until he joins the side of justice for all Pennsylvanians.” I’m guessing we’ll be hearing something from the Casey camp soon — or we damn well better!

Want to reach the senator? You can reach him at 202-224-6324 or via email, here.

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