How to Score Last-Minute Reservations at Philly’s Most Popular Restaurants

A hip Vietnamese restaurant in Beverly Hills has begun “shaming” guests who no-show for their reservations, by revealing their names on Twitter. Upon consideration, the practice is absurd. Who would genuinely be ashamed about having this information made public? It’s not very nice to the restaurant, sure, but would your friends or family would really give a damn if they found out you flaked out on a reservation? Besides, unless you’ve got an unusual name, who’s to say you’re the “Kyle Anderson” in question.

ANYWAYS, all this is to announce a much better way to use Twitter, with respect to restaurant reservations. Foobooz is starting to retweet restaurants who tweet out the unexpectedly open tables that result from no-show reservations. So next time a Philly restaurant announces an opening–which several of them already do on Twitter–you can find out about it without having to follow every restaurant in town. [Foobooz]