Lawsuit: Revel Escalator Grabbed Englishman, Held Him Upside Down 40 Feet In The Air

More trouble for the Atlantic City’s Revel casino, which declared bankruptcy this week: A new lawsuit says one of the casino escalators grabbed an Englishman, and dragged him more than 40 feet through the air until he was rescued by the resort’s other guests. The Englishman, Christopher Eades, said he wasn’t even standing too closely to the escalator when it snatched him bodily and began his short-but-horrifying flight of fancy. The incident took place last August.24:

“At the above time, place, and location, a portion of plaintiff’s clothing was snared, gathered, collected, pulled, caught into the escalator apparatus.

“At that time and place, plaintiff was suddenly and precipitously pulled over the railing of the area in which he was then and there standing, hanging upside down on the outside of the said escalator where he was suspended an estimated forty (40) feet above the ground level of the lobby in Revel Resort/

“After some time hanging upside down, being dragged along the outside of the escalator mechanism, plaintiff was pulled to safety by other patrons of Revel Resort.”

Eades reports he fractured his left knee and ankle in the incident, which made him seem less like Mary Poppins floating gently through the air and something more like Vernon Dursley soaring uncomfortably and painfully and not-at-all hilariously. Ouch.