Chris Christie Can’t Figure Out Where He Stands on Gay “Conversion Therapy”

Yesterday, Chris Christie was asked (where else?) in a town hall meeting during a news conference about a bill moving through the New Jersey State Senate to ban gay “conversion therapy,” a practice you may have first learned about on South Park. His response was a little underwhelming, if you oppose pointless and cruel efforts to change someone’s sexual orientation.

“You know, I’m of two minds on this stuff in general,” Christie said Wednesday. “One, I think there should be lots of deference given to parents on raising their children. . . . I’m generally a skeptic on those things. Now there can always be exceptions to those rules, and this bill may be one of them.”

Christie, who said he wasn’t familiar with the bill, later updated his comments to the Inquirer through a spokesman, vowing that he “does not believe in conversion therapy.” At the same time, however, he said he wouldn’t take a position on the bill until it reached his desk. The legislation, which is co-sponsored by his Democratic challenger, State Sen. Barbara Bu0no, and recently passed out of committee, would simply forbid licensed “counselors” from trying to change people from gay to straight. Would be interesting to hear Jim McGreevey’s take on this, no? [Inquirer]