Philly Pretzel Factory, Taste of Philly Join Pretzel Forces reports:

Philly Pretzel Factory says it has acquired three Taste of Philly pretzel stores in Philadelphia’s northern suburbs, and that Taste founder Vince Marinelli is going back to work for Philly Pretzel Factory as project manager in charge of new stores.

Philly Pretzel factory co-founder Dan DiZio called the return of Marinelli, his past protege, and his wife and kids, who work in the business, a ‘big win.” Marinelli handled farmers’ market wholesaling and other responsibilities during the early years of Philly Pretzel, which claims 100 stores, before he set up Taste of Philly in 2000. Another 12 Taste of Philly stores will remain independent for now.

One could say the two companies are intertwining into a single, delicious piece of salty dough. If only there were a metaphor to be used here.