Seth Williams Was Following Pornographic Twitter Accounts

The Daily News, in an investigation almost as strange as the social media habits it revealed, found that District Attorney Seth Williams had until recently been following two pornographic Twitter accounts–@RateMyLatin and @RateMyEbony. Basically, both accounts post pictures of nude and scantily clad women who are either, well, ‘Latin’ or ‘Ebony’ along with lots of exclamation points and friendly requests for RTs if “you want to poke her with your tamale.” Also, a lot of tweets about Kate Middleton. Williams stopped following both accounts on March 12th, and says he was unaware he was doing so until the Daily News brought the scandal to his attention.

Here are some sample tweets Williams may have enjoyed, which if you click through, are most certainly not safe for any setting in which co-workers, children, family, pets, elderly folks, or people with whom you have a good reputation are present.

And here, for good measure, is Rate My Ebony:

Both are members of the RateMyKnockers “family” of accounts, which from what I can understand, serve to draw people to other sites they own, like and their Facebook page, Other family members include: @RateMyMilf, @RateMyLesbian, and @RateMySelfShot. Both accounts were created in January of this year, and each boast about 40,000 followers.

Williams’s spokesperson offered a few potential theories for why her boss was following the accounts. A. Williams sometimes follows accounts that follow him; B. Twitter bugged out and accidentally made him follow the accounts; C. An ex-staffer with access to the account passwords decided to follow them.

Option A seems unlikely since neither @RateMyLatin and @RateMyEbony currently follow Williams. Option B seems unlikely too, since Twitter says that’s impossible. So we’re down to Option C, and the unmentionable Option D: Williams voluntarily followed them which as the Daily News put it, would have resulted in “busty, scantily clad women” popping up in “Williams’ Twitter feed every time the accounts tweeted.” Shudder. [Daily News]