A Gayer Version of Airbnb, Misterbnb, Launches

The website offers gay-friendly short-term rentals all over the world.

When traveling, my partner and I love renting apartments from Airbnb. It offers us the freedom to go and come as we please and provides us the ultimate traveling experience by situating us far from all the hotel chains — in a real neighborhood surrounded by locals. But being queer, one question makes the whole experience a little awkward: Does the host mind if two men are sleeping in his/her bed? Sometimes the answer’s not so obvious, but a new website is seeking to make the hunt for gay accommodations a lot easier.

Misterbnb is the queer brainchild of LGBTQ-travel websites mygaytrip.com and sejourning.com. Like Airbnb, it offers a fresh-looking interface to search for short-term rentals, but all the options here are gay, gay, gay — whether its a homo host offering his/her flat for a few days or a straight person who doesn’t mind accommodating travelers of the rainbow persuasion.

There are options in cities all around the world — from New York to Tel Aviv to Bang Lamung. You can narrow down your search by specifying whether you want a gay or gay-friendly host, if you need a rental that’s pet-friendly or if you want a private or “unusual” apartment. To give it a test run, I searched for something unusual in Paris and came up with this charming boat rental in the center of the city. I’ll admit, I was expecting something a little more dungeon-y, but this’ll definitely do.

So far there are no options in Philadelphia. Would you put your apartment on the list?

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