Rocky’s House Can Be Yours, Unless This Rocky Enthusiast Buys it First

Friday it was revealed that Rocky’s southwest Philly rowhome (the one he buys in Rocky II with winnings) was being sold for $139,000. Forget Rocky hats, hoodies, gloves, VHS’s, whatever. Would that not be the ultimate collector’s item? Thats what one mega-fan appears to be thinking.

Felice Cantatore, author of the motivational book “Rocky Spirit: The Rocky Balboa Connection to Success,” says he is preparing to place a bid on the home, which went on the market last week. “In my mind, I always wanted to own a piece of the film, never thinking that something like this would become available” Cantatore said. “This is an iconic piece of the film.”

In case you too, oh Rocky enthusiast, are interested, here are the specs (with pics): 1,306 square feet, 3 bed, 1.5 bath, full basement, built in 1923, punching bag not included. It’s located at 2313 S. Lambert St., off West Passyunk. And it still boasts the same little mailbox it had in the film! []