Questlove Reveals Another Justin Timberlake Album Coming Soon

Philly’s Questo offers a defense of Justin Timberlake’s new album, and a preview of his next:

Over the weekend, Roots dummer and Justin Timberlake collaborator Questlove took to the online forum that he co-founded, Okayplayer, and wrote “spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in nov.”  His explanation for the “20/20″ title fits, too, writing: “(10 songs now…..10 songs later= 20 vision).”

Questlove’s comment was in response to another commenter’s opinion of the critical Times review, which said called “The 20/20 Experience “an album of largely inconsequential beauty, showing Mr. Timberlake as an artist with no incentive to innovate, making this primarily a paean to brand maintenance. It’s not meant to change minds.”

The drummer called this “constructive criticism” of Timberlake’s album, but argued that the album is still “ballsy,” saying that it might not appeal to people born after 1986 due to its older musical influences. “[Timberlake] was like ‘why do we put all of our power in the hands of 18 year olds….i wanted to make a joint that 40 year olds would love too,’ ” wrote Questlove. Timberlake wanted to make an album for “35 year old people ” who love soul with a slower beat, he explained.

A decade ago, when Timberlake was in N’Sync and The Roots were, well, The Roots, this kind of alliance would’ve been hard to imagine. We all get older, don’t we