Too Late To Fund Veronica Mars? Here Are Some Philly Films You Can Kickstart

I’m nerdy enough to be super-happy that Veronica Mars managed to raise its $2 million Kickstarter goal to make a movie, and did it in a single day. It’s kind of a landmark cultural moment. Those folks are still raising money, and if you want to give it to them—and, by extension, Warner Bros. studios—be my guest. But if you’d like to keep your money close to home and nurture some artists who haven’t already spent several years on network TV, here are some Philadelphia-area films that are currently raising money, and which you can help fund on Kickstarter:


Synopsis: “An anti-obesity crusader and a trust fund manchild vie for the heart of a reclusive factory farming activist.”


Synopsis: “Watermelon Magic is the story of a farmer’s daughter who discovers the joy of growing and sharing everyone’s favorite summertime treat.” SPRING AWAKENING Synopsis:


Synopsis: “From 1891, a tumultuous tale of rebellious teenagers coming to terms with their own sexual identities and falling in love along way.” This production is based in Wilmington, Delaware.


Synopsis: “John Crane is a rogue former secret agent on a search for his wife, and he will let nothing, not even his old agency get in his way.” It’s a Drexel University student film—purportedly the first to be shot in 3D.


Synopsis: “What’s a Mummer?, introduces you to the 112 year old world of the Philadelphia Mummers through the Uptown String Band. The project takes you behind the scenes of the often perceived ‘secret’ world of the Mummers.” This project has the thickest Philly accent among the projects mentioned here.