Paterno’s Former Players Hatch Plan to Take Over PSU Trustees Meeting

There will be ten public speaking slots reserved during this Friday’s Penn State Board of Trustees meeting in Hershey. Former legionnaires of the army of Joe Paterno have made an attempt to snatch them all.

“We want to look the trustees in the eyes and tell them that their actions over the last 16 months have brought great harm upon Penn State, our beloved program and the innocent players and coaches who now occupy our locker room,” said Brian Masella, who played for Paterno from 1971 through 1975.

The idea is for the group to browbeat the Board of Trustees into making sure Paterno “receive[s] the honor and recognition he deserves” posthumously. For more on a recent rebuttal to the Freeh report, which the players will surely bring up, see my counter-rebuttal. And for a more comprehensive piece on the enduring cult of Paterno–and its ringleader Franco Harris–dive into Rich Rys’s piece from the current issue of the magazine. [Patriot-News]