Mary Pat Christie’s Sandy Relief Charity Hasn’t Donated a Penny Yet

Four months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund–run by First Lady Mary Pat Christie–hasn’t disbursed a penny of the $32 million it’s raised. The group that raised money through the 12-12-12 fund, by contrast, has already awarded $50 million of the $67 million it raised. Christie explains the delay by pointing to the small size of her staff, and inexperience running a non-profit. (That’s comforting!)

I remember Justin Bieber retweeted us, and we were so excited. I mean, this was really back of the envelope, at the kitchen table with the generator going (that) first weekend.

Christie says that the first million dollars in grants will go out this weekend, with another 5 million in a few weeks. [Asbury Park Press]