Bikini Basketball Association’s Philadelphia Diamonds To Hold Tryouts

Just arrived in our inbox:

Calling all sexy and athletic ladies of Philadelphia! If you’re a fan of lingerie athletics or have ever dreamed of being part of a lingerie team….the wait is over! The Bikini Basketball Association announced the Philadelphia Diamonds team will officially take center court this summer. Now, the search is on for members to join this hot new sports team!

On March 9th from 2:30-5:30pm the Philadelphia Diamonds will be holding open gym tryouts. Tryouts will be at the Finley Recreation Center, 7701 Mansfield Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19150, in Mt. Airy. Players will be chosen based on skills, personality, athleticism, and looks. All candidates are asked to wear shorts and sports bra to tryout. Please bring bio and/or resume.

We feel like we’ve seen this before, usually in the longest photo galleries ever published at, but there you go. We’re sure that this league will be devoted to appreciation of athletic skills and …oh screw it. It’s about guys paying to look at boobs, guys who enjoy spending money to enjoy the company of other guys looking at boobs. If you want to know more about it, sign up at the BBA’s website. Also, boobs.