Nutter Delivers Tough Love to Philly Murder Victims via Twitter

Responding to a follower on Twitter, Mayor Nutter noted that homicide was the only crime that didn’t decline in Philly last year. In what may have been an attempt at a direct message, he continued with a message that has angered some followers.

The outcry here doesn’t seem altogether different from the confusion that arose when a black man dressed up in KKK garb to protest black-on-black violence. The presentation was startling, and offensive to many. But the message underneath was born out of a desire to reduce crime, not necessarily to blame anyone. Similarly, I suspect, Nutter did not intend to belittle murder victims, but to draw attention to a salient factor about violent crime in this city. (According to Philly Metropolis, 80 percent of homicide victims in 2011 had previously committed a crime.) The comment seems to suggest that homicides remain prevalent because victims–many of whom are in rival gangs and/or on opposite sides of drug deals–lead inherently dangerous lives. The presentation of the information, of course, left something to be desired. Responding to the outcry, Nutter attempted to clarify his remarks.