12-Year-Old Writes Newspaper Op-Ed Decrying “State Patty’s Day”

The cynic in you is thinking, “yeah that’s because she can’t drink.” But hear out Katie Maguire’s Daily Collegian op-ed on State Patty’s Day, the Bud Light bacchanal PSU administrators are doing their best to scale down this year.

I think this event gives a bad impression of our town. On this day, there are students getting drunk all over town all day and not respecting their neighborhood. I have seen lots of kids on the roofs of their houses in bathing suits in March, and I have seen kids wandering around town lost because they had so much to drink they did not know where they were.

Cue the conspiracy theorists–PSU alums seem to react unusually poorly to criticism of their school–postulating that Maguire’s parents wrote the letter for her. [Daily Collegian]