I Lost My Heart at Wawa: Where Pennsylvanians Find True Love

Via Buzzfeed, Psychology Today has come up with this map of where “missed connections” occur on Craigslist—those entries that say, essentially, “I saw you from across a crowded room and didn’t approach, but I think you’re cute, and now I hope you’re on Craigslist looking for me, too.” The magazine broke down the most-common locations for each state—based on the 100 most-recent ads—and, well, the results for Pennsylvania are kind of hilarious:

Click to look closer, but yeah: Pennsylvanians are constantly finding and losing the love of their life at … the convenience store. (My home state of Kansas was McDonalds, so it could’ve been worse, but … not much.) Which makes that “Wawa vs. Sheetz” dustup a few weeks back look more important than we could’ve known at the time. We don’t just love our convenience stores; they’re where we hope for love, as well. Awwww. Ugh. But awwwww.