Here Is a Much Better “Joe Biden Is Pro-Shotgun” Clip

A new clip, in which Vice President Joe Biden is “delighted to answer” a gun-control question from a reader of Parents magazine and urges her to protect herself by buying a shotgun, has been circulating and causing a stir since last night.

Perhaps the virality of the clip—one of many from the ever-quotable Biden—is due to the breaking news that Joe Biden is a Parents magazine reader! I suspect it’s because he’s talking to a woman. Whatever. Biden’s shotgun-lover position is nothing new, of course, and this footage, from the 2008 campaign trail, in which Biden exclaims that “Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns” is way more fun than his advice for fellow Parents fan Kate. (Disclaimer for our gun-savvy readers about Jon Stewart’s first joke: Yes, Beretta makes shotguns.)