David Beckham or Matthew Terry. Who Wears Undies Better?

Today, H&M released an ad campaign for its newest line of underwear. How do you think it stacks up to the steamy Calvin Klein ad?

The steamy Calvin Klein Super Bowl ad starring hunky model Matthew Terry in undies still has us all aflutter, but can David Beckham steal his thunder? Today, H&M launched an ad campaign for its newest line of undies, and the tatted soccer hero takes front and center in the photos and a short film directed by fellow Brit Guy Ritchie.

So I’m wondering, which package takes the prize? There’s no denying the hotness factor of the CK ad, but does it come across as too unattainable? Terry’s like a Roman gladiator, and the only thing I hear when I watch is this song playing on loop in my brain. The Beckham ad is a little more down-to-earth, but is it too real to make you wanna go out and buy a pair of H&M briefs that may or may not unravel after two washes? Watching him climb out of a pool in nothing but boxer briefs may be enough to push me toward Team Beckham, but that’s just my opinion. Check out the two video ads after the jump and weigh in in the comment section below.