Local Pultizer-Prize-Winning Cartoonist Lands on NRA’s “Enemies List”

What are we, in the McCarthy era? The National Rifle Association apparently keeps an enemies list featuring hundreds upon hundreds of people and organizations that hate 2nd amendment rights with a frothy passion. (Mary Tyler Moore! Oprah!) Today comes the news that our very first Philadelphian has snuck onto the list! Congratulations, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Cartoonist Tony Auth! Your anti-gun cartoons have put you squarely in the crosshairs of a bunch of gun enthusiasts. Auth, for the record, is psyched.

If you believe that this country’s relationship with guns is insane and you want to do something about it, of course you would want to be on the NRA’s enemies list. If you want gun control and of course you would want to be on this list.

I can only hope that Auth, who currently draws for Newsworks/WHYY, says on his website he’s been drawing about guns for years. What took you so long, NRA?  I guess Philly never gets the recognition they deserve. [NBC 10]