Cute Overload: Zachary Quinto and Puppies in One Film!

The gay American Horror Story star debuts a new short film about adopting his dog.

Just when you thought Zachary Quinto couldn’t get any cuter — yes, even after his twisted turn as Bloody Face in American Horror Story — he turns around and debuts a short film about his adventures adopting a dog. Heart melt.

Released on the cute-animal-laden Petsami YouTube channel, Dog Eat Dog exaggeratedly chronicles the dark-browed star’s real-life attempts to adopt a pit bull named Rizzo— from the anxious, drawn-out waiting process to the … well, I don’t want to give away the ending, but let’s just say he faces some pretty stiff competition from a pitiful, walker-toting elderly chap played by Philip Baker Hall. Sharon Wilkins also stars as the sassy front-desk attendant at the adoption shelter and is directed by Sian Heder.

Check out the video — which actually started as a Kickstarter project — HERE, but you might want to grab a box of tissues first. Oops! Did I just give away something?