Brooke Dillon’s Haute Washington Square Living Room

The Katacomb: Vintage founder and Philly fashionista shows off her grand, gilted, and livable ode to Parisian 1920s opulence.

Fashionista and Katacomb: Vintage founder Brook Dillon's elegant Washington Square, Philadelphia living room, inspired by French Classical designs.

History: “The building is from 1892 and has a lot of original details. The bones of this place are great.”

Inspiration: “I love the Ritz in Paris, and a little bit of m­odern. I’m a mix of French cl­assical and French modern style. The 1920s is my favorite time period. That op­ulence—beautiful women wea­ring beautiful gowns, men in tuxes on a Monday night smoking their cigars and drinking brandy, bottles of champagne thrown around.”

Focal point: “I designed the room around my grand piano. I started playing when I was seven, and I take lessons every week.”

Chairs: “The ones by the Lucite table are Christopher Guy. My fiancé hates those chairs.”

Hiding eyesores: “The framed mirror above the fireplace is actually a TV—when you turn it on, it shows through the mirror.”

Pet-friendly: “The fabric on the couch is Sunbrella, an outdoor fabric—but comfortable! I have four animals, so any stains, I can just take a little bit of dish detergent and it cleans up right away. Still, we keep red wine in the dining room.”

Mirror: “My favorite things are the large built-in mirror and the molding, which are both original to this room.”

Gold screen: “I knew I had to have it in this room. Jean Paul Gaultier did a collection for Roche Bobois with these silk screens surrounding this low bed. Ever since I saw that, I’ve been obsessed with screens.”

Thrill of the hunt: “It’s finding the right pieces at the right time for the right space—which is all part of the fun.”