Has Bob Brady Saved the Philly Int’l Bike Championship?

A week ago Congressman Bob Brady injected himself (so to speak) into the controversy surrounding the cancellation of this year’s Philadelphia International Championship bike race, vowing to save the race. Today, the Daily News proclaims it’s been “saved”, and will return as the “Philly Cycling Classic.” But has it?

All Brady said today is that he had formed a six-person task force, and promised that “as long as there’s a Wall in Manyunk, there will be a world class cycling event in Philadelphia.” In addition, the new race director released a statement that the group had “informed the USA Cycling Federation and the International Cycling Union of our intent to keep the June 2, 2013 date in Philadelphia for a premier cycling event” and is waiting for the OK from them. But nothing has been sanctioned, or organized, yet. And no sponsors and no funding sources have been announced. Put another way, it’s not entirely clear that Bob Brady has saved the race. [Daily News]