6 Philly Traffic Court Judges Indicted for Giving the “Hook-Up” to Buddies

Six current or ex-Philly traffic court judges have been indicted today by the U.S. Attorney’s office for their roles in a wide-ranging ticket-fixing scandal that allegedly allowed local politicians, businessworld power brokers, and labor poobahs to get “constituents, relatives, friends, and associates” out of their traffic violations.

Shadiest sounding quote collected by investigators goes to…Judge Willie Singletary! Here is he was in December 2008, allegedly promising the motorcycle club Philadelphia First State Road Rattlers lenient treatment on traffic tickets in exchange for campaign contributions. (See p. 7)

You’re all going to help me out? . . .  There’s going to be a basket going around because I’m running for Traffic Court Judge, right, and I need some money. I got some stuff that I got to do, but if you all can give me twenty ($20) dollars you’re going to need me inTraffic Court, am I right about that? . . . Now you all want me to get there, you’re all going to need my hook-up, right?

Also charged were current Judges Michael Sullivan and Michael Lowry, as well as former Judges Robert Mulgrew, Fortunato Perri Sr., and Thomasine Tynes. Three other traffic court officials, as well as three suburban judges who also occasionally lived it up in Philly traffic court, were also indicted. [Inquirer]