Chaka Fattah Gave Blondell’s Husband a Famously Corrupt Earmark in 2004

One time, in 2004, U.S. Rep Chaka Fattah delivered an earmark so unquestionably questionable, the Environmental Protection Agency (under Bush!), nixed it. What was it exactly? A $750,000 grant for a company run by Blondell Reynold Brown’s husband that would have allowed him to give advice to golf courses trying to be more environmentally friendly. From the EPA: “There was nothing new or innovative being proposed by the program,” and “the applicant did not have sufficient expertise to perform the work.”

Relevant because: It was Chip Fattah, Chaka’s son, from whom Blondell borrowed the $3,000 that she illegally paid back using campaign funds. Which partly resulted, of course, in the mammoth ethics violation she was slapped with this week. Howard Brown, who’s been separated from Blondell for three years, says there’s no connection between the earmark and his wife, who used to work for Fattah. Mmhm. [Inquirer]