Video: Gay Stars Reading Fifty Shades of Grey Out Loud

Adam Lambert, George Takei, Ellen and others offer their interpretations of the naughtiest book of 2012.

Since the ungodly success of last year’s Fifty Shades of Grey, celebrities have had a big ol’ time reading aloud from its S&M-ridden pages. To keep readers up-to-date on who gave the best performances, Flavorpill put together a great list of videos of 10 famous people reading the book and then ranked them from worst to best.

Several LGBTQers are included, like George Takei and Adam Lambert, who turns out a snoozy passage about snuggling. The funniest moments, though, come from in-between commentary from folks like Ellen and David Sedaris. Check out all the gay celebs on the list below, and head to Flavorpill’s roundup to see how they placed when compared to other stars.

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