Subway Actually Apologizes for Less-Than-Footlong Sandwich

When will this madness end?! Subway has officially apologized for selling sandwiches labeled as “footlong,” despite them only really being like, 11.5 inches.

Subway said Friday that it’s redoubling efforts to “ensure consistency and correct length” in all its sandwiches. The company had already noted last week that bread length could vary when franchisees don’t bake to its exact specifications and that it would reinforce policies to ensure consistency.

If you’re looking for some more sandwich absurdity, let’s look back at the week that was. New Jersey Subway fan Jason Leslie, who ate 50 so-called footlongs last year, is suing because he feels “like an idiot,” and “can’t believe I fell for that trick.” And another group of disgruntled New Jersey dudes are also suing, after their lawyer hired a private investigator to examine 17 sandwiches. Um, why do people want more Subway? Isn’t 11 inches of that stuff enough? [AP]