The Economist Has Brilliant Fix for Atlantic City: Revel!

This week, The Economist has decided to profile the sorry state of Atlantic City’s gaming scene, using the subheadline “Innovative thinking is needed in the City by the Sea.” Pennsylvania’s 10 casinos, it reports, have been “siphoning away” many of A.C.’s gamers. The solution? It needs to make itself “a venue for entertainment, not just gambling.” Kind of like…

In May a new casino, the Revel, opened, with a different business model from Atlantic City’s 11 other casinos. It relies more on revenues from conventions and meetings, and seeks to attract leisure travellers as well as gamblers with its spa, nightclubs and concerts. It is smoke-free, and visitors do not have to brave the casino floor to get to their hotel rooms.

Genius! The Philly Post has also profiled the Savior by the Sea. Here are some recent headlines.

Revel: From Bad to Abysmal

Revel “Burning Through Cash at an Alarming Rate”

Revel Casino Now Even Closer to the Brink After Sandy

It seems our friends across the pond just can’t help meddling in the region’s gambling scene these days. [Economist]