Penn Students Sue University for Gross Housing Conditions

Here’s a familiar college tale: Students move off-campus, get rats and mold, want money back, can’t locate absentee landlord. That’s what happened to six UPenn students, except the landlord was basically the university. And they’re suing.

[The plaintiffs allege] that their house was afflicted with various problems including leaks, rodents, mold and the collapse of their third floor bathroom ceiling…Their lawsuit is for $39,645 in damages against the defendant — $35,240 because of rent paid during “poor living conditions” and $4,405 due to an unreturned security deposit.

Among the icky details: In the spring of 2012, a light fixture in the living room filled with water and then shattered, causing water to pour from the ceiling.” The property, at 3935 Baltimore Avenue, is owned by the university, and run by University City Associates, the school’s real estate subsidiary. [Daily Pennsylvanian]