Gay Highlights from the Inauguration

Obama's shoutout to the gay community, the Philadelphia Marching Band's performance and more.

I’m still reeling from yesterday’s history-making inauguration ceremonies. Here are some of the most gay-worthy highlights:

Beyoncé looked gorgeous and gave a knockout performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” — a mellifluous example of a fresh “out with the old, in with the new”-era of politics. Besides, it’s not like they were gonna invite Aretha back after she wore that God-awful hat to the last inauguration.

The Lesbian and Gay Band Association — which included members of Philly’s only LGBTQ marching band, Philadelphia Freedom Band — trumped and tooted their hearts out in the Inauguration Parade.

Cuban poet Richard Blanco became the nation’s first openly gay man to recite a poem at a presidential inauguration. Reading “One Day,” he said, “Hear: squeaky playground swings, trains whistling, /or whispers across café tables, Hear: the doors we open /for each other all day, saying: hello, shalom, /buon giorno, howdy, namaste, or buenos días /in the language my mother taught me—in every language /spoken into one wind carrying our lives /without prejudice, as these words break from my lips.” Hear the poem in its entirety above.

And this … Obama made history by referencing the gay community in his inauguration speech — a tell-tale sign of the big, exciting changes coming for us in the years ahead. Go gays!