Free Wingador! Eating Champ Forced Out of Wing Bowl, Faces Trial

Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, the big, bloated, mullet-toting king of the wing, will have to bow out of the event he’s conquered five times already. It’s hard times for the competitive eating world. First Kobayashi, who’s recently been banned from the Nathan’s Fourth of July hot dog eating contest for violating the terms of his contract, now this. Simmons, who doesn’t deal with girlie stuff like contracts, has been forced out this year for reportedly getting caught with $8,000 worth of cocaine in the trunk of his Kia. (A Kia? Wingador, no!)

With a trial looming, Wing Bowl MC Angelo Cataldi told Simmons he couldn’t attend this year, as it might bring negative attention to the Wells Fargo Center event. El Wingador said he wasn’t happy, since he hadn’t been convicted of a crime yet. And then he pretty much admitted his guilt to Dan Gross: “As for his drug charge, Simmons said, “I got caught up in some stupid s—,” but added that his attorneys advised he not comment.” [Daily News]