Sandusky’s Victims Closer to Getting Settlement Money

In remarks to media yesterday, Philly-based “Victim 5” lawyer Tom Kline said that negotiations between lawyers for Jerry Sandusky’s victims and Penn State had moved into the money phase. After getting all the details of the charges straight, the two sides are now negotiating how much cash the university will disburse to victims. Penn State has lost $80 million from costs relating to the scandal, and figures to lose tens of millions more, Tom Corbett or no Tom Corbett.

“Phase one was fact gathering,” Kline said. “Negotiators from Penn State looked to determine facts — were these young men injured, was it on Penn State property, was it before or after the now infamous (Mike) McQueary incident?” “That’s done,” he continued. “We’re now getting to the point where we are actually talking about money and talking about whether the case is going to be resolved.”

Meanwhile, a judge is deliberating over whether or not to grant Jerry Sandusky a new trial, which he requested yesterday. (Philly Post outlook: Not so good.) [Centre Daily Times]