10 Harrowing Facts About Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

The submerged roller coaster in Seaside Heights. The Virgin Mary in Breezy Point. Blacked-out Manhattan. Powerful images captured in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall are impossible to forget. But they alone can’t tell the story of what the superstorm wrought. NJ Spotlight, in partnership with Newsworks, has provided a list of New Jersey-specific statistics that help fill in the gaps.

6: Number of schools completely destroyed by Sandy

7 million: Number of people left without power

346,000 homes: Damaged or destroyed

185,000: Number of businesses in New Jersey impacted

41,000: Number of families still displaced from their homes

100,000: Number of storm-related unemployment claims

$18 billion: Amount the federal government has kicked in for debris removal

8,000: Estimated number of jobs lost in November because of Sandy

1,400: Number of sunken vessels in the wake of the storm

800,000: Number of daily and public transit customers affected

See the rest of the list here. [Newsworks]