Sandusky Returns: Asks for New Trial, Blows Kisses to Wife

Jerry Sandusky appeared in court today in Centre County, marking the first time he’s left prison since his guilty verdict was handed down in June. Dressed in a red jumpsuit and big black boots, Sandusky was asking for a retrial–his attorney Joe Amendola claimed they weren’t given enough time to prepare the last time around. (The copier broke down during Memorial Day weekend, apparently.) A new trial seems unlikely–Amendola eventually admitted that nothing he’s discovered in the past six months would have changed his legal approach.

Nonetheless, Sandusky was in good spirits for the 90-minute session, smiling ear-to-ear and blowing kisses to his wife. He’s also having a better time of it in state prison than he was in his previous county facility.

He gets three showers a week, two phone calls a month, and his wife makes the 400-mile round trip from State College to see him once a month, although they are “no-contact” visitations. The Daily Beast has learned Sandusky also has a radio and a television of his own and gets both ESPN and ESPN 2 in his cell, allowing him to watch plenty of sporting events.

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