Today’s The-Eagles-Still-Don’t-Have-A-Coach Update: Gruden Plenty!

Good news Eagles fans! It appears the team has a chance at hiring Gruden to be Andy Reid’s successor! Not-as-good-news: The Gruden in question is Jay Gruden, younger brother of John (the One With The Super Bowl Ring) Gruden. Jay Gruden is currently serving as the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals—who, to be fair, actually went to the playoffs this year. Still. The Bengals. Jay (One of the Best Players in Arena League History) Gruden is apparently being considered for the Eagles position based on the Bengals’ fearsome offensive attack, which ranked 12th in points scored and 22nd in overall yardage. Um, yay? In any case, it’s time to hire a coach, so that Philadelphia media can finally break itself of its Andy Reid addiction and come home from Kansas City to start covering the team that’s actually here. This is going to end in tears. [AP]