Should Ed Rendell Go to D.C.? Or Stay Home to Defeat Tom Corbett? Or Be New York’s Mayor?

One thing Ed Rendell doesn’t lack for is career options. The former governor is being mentioned by National Journal as a candidate for Transportation Secretary if the office’s current occupant steps down. Given his long history of criticizing President Obama, though, it’s maybe a little easier to imagine Rendell staying home and instead trying to reclaim his old office from Gov. Tom Corbett—a task he might accomplish easily, according to a new poll. Public Policy Polling, a Democratic research firm, finds that “in a head to head match-up … voters would prefer former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell to incumbent Republican Tom Corbett by a margin of 46 to 40 percent.” It’s hard not to root for such an outcome: Win or lose, Rendell would make the race a lot more interesting. UPDATE: This item had just posted, when the Daily News‘ Chris Brennan pointed out that Rendell’s name is also on a list of Michael Bloomberg’s hoped-for replacements as New York mayor. Seems like a stretch, but who knows? Rendell is a New York native, after all. [KYW Newsradio]