UPDATE: Andray Blatche of Brooklyn Nets Won’t Be Charged in Sex Assault

CBS Philly reports: “Police sources have confirmed that a member of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and his associates are being questioned in connection with a sexual assault that allegedly happened inside a Philadelphia hotel.” A 21-year-old said she was assaulted in the Center City Four Seasons hotel around 4 a.m. Tuesday; she was taken to the hospital for examination, while the player—and some associates—were taken to the Special Victims Unit for questioning. The Nets are in town to play the 76ers tonight: Will we know the player’s identity by then?  [CBS Philly]

UPDATEThe New York Daily News reports that the player in question in Andray Blatche, a forward seen as having a resurgent season this year after leaving the Washington Wizards. Blatche tweeted a denial of involvement, but later delated that post.  (See below.)

UPDATE: Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says Blatche won’t be charged in the case. “From all accounts, he was not personally involved in any kind of assault or anything like that,” Ramsey said. According to one report, “a Nets player was in the suite but not in the bedroom in which the alleged assault occurred.”