Rendell Loves Him, Gay Republicans Hate Him: Obama’s Defense Pick

It looks like Obama’s new Secretary of Defense pick, the former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, is going to face a tough confirmation fight. First, he’s roused the ire of assorted neoconservative types, for his “no” on the Iraq war, his eyebrow raising on the Afghanistan troop surge, his call for reduced defense spending, and his perceived doveishness on Iran. He’s also pissed folks off on both sides of the aisle for calling the American Israel Public Affairs Committee the “Jewish lobby.” (Said Bob Casey: “Any comment that undermines our relationship [with Israel] concerns me.”) Finally, he’s got gay rights groups, including the Log Cabin Republicans, opposing his nomination for homophobic comments he made in 1998. Calling an ambassadorial candidate “aggressively gay,” Hagel argued that he wouldn’t be able to do an “effective job.” But you know who likes him? Eddie.