Andy Reid to KC as Fox’s Jason Whitlock Goes Berserk

Andy Reid is officially a Kansas City Chief. (Reid, like Crennel before him, is a large, expressionless man, who hasn’t been very good for several years now. Actually, Crennel was never good, so this is definitely an improvement for KC.) Meanwhile, “outspoken” (polite for “frequently offensive,” in sports media lingo) sports columnist Jason Whitlock is apoplectic that Reid is being taken seriously by NFL teams. “We’re all pretending Reid is Don Shula coming off the ’72 season, but there’s plenty of proof Reid went crazy in Philly,” wrote Whitlock, a former Kansas City Star scribe. “The Eagles spent millions of dollars building a dream team, and Reid turned his defense over to an offensive-line coach on a whim. This is like getting a date with Beyonce and consulting with Ike Turner on how to romance her.” [Fox Sports]