Infamous Philly “Cult” Church for Sale on eBay

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George hires a carpet cleaning service run by a religious cult? (“They call themselves a cult,” he sniffs, when they decline to proselytize.) “Sunshine Cleaners” was based on “Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaners”, which was run by the Church of Bible Understanding, whose (now-defunct) headquarters have been located in West Philly for thirty years. To continue the streak of weirdness, the owner of the place put up an ad on eBay offering the place up for $4.5 million. “Very private,” reads the ad, “like a little oasis in the heart of Philadelphia!” Glad to see the Church is still making promises it can’t deliver on–the six-building, 10-acre property is located in the boomtown that is South 58th St. [Inquirer]