New Jersey Residents Giving Up Their Guns in Record Fashion

This weekend, gun owners (or ex-gun owners) in Camden County sold their weapons to New Jersey through a state-sponsored buyback program at an astounding rate, shattering the previous high. The 1,137 guns collected this weekend will be paid for mostly through a $110,000 fund the Attorney General’s office collected using forfeited money. “We heard that there were a number of gun owners on Saturday who had publicly said, in light of the situation that had just occurred in Connecticut, they wanted to turn in their weapons,” said a spokesman for the DA. Residents could turn in up to three firearms, for a maximum compensation of $250 each. Other cash-for-guns programs, which like Camden’s, were scheduled before the shooting in Connecticut, drew large turnouts in the Bay Area, Baltimore, and Evanston, Illinois over the weekend. [Inquirer]