Pennsylvania Totally Unremarkable, Really Un-Romantic, According to Foursquare

Instagram isn’t the only social media site hawking around your personal information. Okay, this is a little different, but yesterday I received an email from Foursquare that purported to lay America bare, giving me valuable, crowd-sourced information about what people were doing this year, and where. If you “checked in” somewhere in the past twelve months, that data point contributed to this report.

So, drum roll, here are some of the results:

The fattest state (calculated by check-ins at fast-food restaurants)? Nevada, which is not even in the real top ten.

The skinniest state? Hawaii, which ranks number two in real life.

Other lists Philly and Pennsylvania didn’t factor into: “most romantic cities”, “busiest airport”, “cities that go for chains” (phew), and “cities like shopping at independent bookstores.” In fact, we’re on the map for two things only. West Chester and Bethlehem were two of the five “least romantic” cities in the country. And Madonna stopped by the Wells Fargo Center last year during her MNDA tour, apparently FourSquare’s most popular of the year. (Uh, not here.) Either we’re unremarkable, or just too cool to use FourSquare.