Ex-Camden Police Supervisor Sentenced to 8 Months

This news won’t do much for Camden’s futile “Say Something Nice” campaign. Former Camden Police Supervisor Dan Morris was sentenced today to eight months in federal prison for conspiring with other officers to violate the civil rights of others. In August 2010, he pleaded guilty, admitting that:

Between May 2007, and September 2008, he conducted illegal searches without a search warrant or consent; obtained coerced consents to search residences based on threats and undue pressure; stole money during illegal searches and arrests; and allowed officers he supervised to include facts in police reports that were false.

In part because he cut a plea deal with prosecutors, gushing openly on the stand about the misdeeds of his co-conspirators, Morris received considerably less time than fellow schemer Antonio Figueroa, who got ten years. [Courier-Post]