Prosecutors Drop Drug Charges, Saying “Rogue Cops” Are Bad Witnesses

There are many good police officers in the city of Philadelphia, men and women who serve with integrity and honor. But there are also enough bad officers in this city that the phrase “rogue cop” can sometimes seem redundant. The latest example? Prosecutors are dropping charges in several drug cases, saying that five of the city’s anti-narcotics officers had “partnered with drug dealers” in committing drug crimes—and are thus unreliable witnesses. (In related news: The Shield is now available on Hulu Plus, and is totally a reason to start spending $8 a month on that subscription service.) Prosecutors and police are otherwise keeping their mouths shut, except to acknowledge that the officers in question have been transferred to other units where they can do less damage. (Spoiler alert: Just like in The Shield!) John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, says the accused officers are getting a raw deal:  “These guys were leading the squad, they’re taking guns and drugs off the streets, and they were doing their jobs well,” McNesby said. “If anyone had evidence that they were doing something criminal, they’d be in handcuffs right now. And now, because of this, we’ve got drug dealers in this city smiling from ear to ear.” []