Mayor Announces Something That Looks Like Investigation, But Totally Isn’t, Into Election Day Mishaps

With lingering questions about Philadelphia’s performance on Election Day, Mayor Nutter has decided to get to the bottom of things, but in a way that should totally make you feel comfortable he’s just, you know, asking questions, and not at all trying to determine responsibility or cast blame for the way things went at the polls. Best part of the Newsworks story:

But don’t call this an investigation. “There actually is a better term,” insisted Nutter,  “it’s called fact finding. This is not an investigation, so I’m asking you not to use that term.”

Oh, hell. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of “investigation:”

2. a searching inquiry for ascertaining facts; detailed or careful examination.
So. “Fact-finding” and “investigation” are pretty much the same, no? Well, maybe not if you’re in politics. [WHYY]