“Mafia Prince” Details Bloody Philly Mob Life Under Nicky Scarfo

The nephew of former Philadelphia mob boss Nicky Scarfo has written a new book, “Mafia Prince,” in which he admits killing 10 people for his uncle. The nephew, Phil Leonetti—known as “Crazy Phil”—turned against the mob in 1992, but is no longer in the federal witness protection program. Leonetti says he started his mob work when he was still young: “”I was 23 when I killed Louie DeMarco, and 26 when I killed Vincent Falcone. I got made when I was 27, and I became a caporegime at 28. I did it all for my uncle and La Cosa Nostra,” Leonetti writes. George Anastasia, the legendary reporter who specializes in organized crime in Philadelphia, says Leonetti probably doesn’t have to fear for his life: Nobody’s going to kill for Scarfo anymore. “The reason he hasn’t been killed is there’s nobody out there who wants to do Scarfo’s bidding. Nobody’s going to risk their freedom and their future for a guy who’s 83 and never coming home from jail,” Anastasia said. [Wall Street Journal]