VIDEO: Sixth-Grader Explains “Fiscal Cliff,” Meets President

Noah Williams-Morrill, the West Reading Elementary student who made the “Sixth Grader Explains the Fiscal Cliff in 1 Minute” video below, has become famous enough that now he’ll get to meet President Obama today, during the president’s Philadelphia stop to rally supporters in favor of his fiscal plans. And if Williams-Morrill didn’t actually explain the fiscal cliff that well—if the problem isn’t just that the government will run out of money, but rather that (for various reasons) a whole bunch of tax cuts on most Americans expire at the end of the year, meaning they’ll have smaller paychecks, buy less stuff, and thus cause a weak economy to go back into recession—well, it would be churlish to point that out, right? The kid’s a sixth-grader! And he’s meeting the president!