Lindsay Lohan Charged With Misdemeanor in Club Assault

Sometimes, when your made-for-TV movie about Liz Taylor flops, you’ve got to blow off some steam at the club. And sometimes, especially if you’re Lindsay Lohan, that ends in a misdemeanor assault charge. According to the NYPD, that’s exactly what happened early this morning after LiLo smacked a female patron in the face around 4 a.m. at a popular Chelsea nightclub over an unknown dispute. First the fight with Momma Lohan, then the flop that was Liz & Dick, and now this? Lindsay, our hearts yearn for the Herbie Fully Loaded days–life was so simple then. [Newsday]

[UPDATE] Seems that ol’ LiLo is a bit boy crazy, with the tussle erupting over Max George, of The Wanted fame, who had opened up for Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden late Wednesday night. Lohan (not surprisingly) got drunk and started a fight with 28-year-old Tiffany Eve Mitchell after the star saw her chatting up Max. Max, of course, left the club with a third girl. Aren’t we all a little old for this? [Gawker]

[UPDATE AGAIN] Oh, and, by the way, a Santa Monica attorney has since filed a criminal complaint against Lohan, tacking on three more crimes to her Pacific Coast Highway dustup from earlier this year. [TMZ]