John Bolaris Recounts Years of Misery, Suspected Heart Attack

In his column today for the Metro, John Bolaris goes over all the bad bad stuff that’s happened to him in the last couple of years:

“I was fired from my job, lost credibility, been humiliated, seen my daughter in tears. I will never forget how at 4:45 p.m. on Dec. 23, 2011, I was escorted out of the building of Fox 29 — 15 minutes before the start of the newscast, treating me like some sort of criminal, not even allowing me to retrieve my daughters pictures. Then Christmas Eve began with a hand delivered letter (in front of my daughter): Fox’s letter to terminate; followed up by Christmas Day, my now fiance Erica rushed me to the hospital in fear I was having a heart attack. I spent two days in the hospital.”

But the weatherman says that following his testimony on Friday in a Miami courtroom, it’s all finally over. “I did the right thing. I told the truth. Time to move forward.” [Metro]