Councilman Bobby Henon Cracking Down on “Bad Neighbors”–With Subpoenas

Councilman Bobby Henon has had enough–and he’s not going take it anymore.  On November 27th, Henon will hold a committee hearing in which he’ll go after some of what he deems to be the worst neighbors in the Northeast. “I am going to issue subpoenas to the Northeast’s worst neighbors and compel them to attend the hearing [to] answer questions about the impact that they are having on our neighborhoods,” he writes on his blog, which contains a picture of a junk-filled front yard, presumably as an example. “Please join me for this hearing. Your presence will help me send a strong message to bad neighbors everywhere.” What does he mean by bad neighbors? Someone with lots of trash in their yard? Or playing loud music? Or rooting for the Mets? Or, you know, just kind of pissing  you  off? Henon doesn’t exactly say. Which either makes this a great way to clean up the city…or something that feels a little McCarthyistic, we can’t really decide. []