Teenage Sex Scandal at Main Line High School

Kids accused of posting a porno of a classmate. Plus: City workers protest outside Mayor Nutter's house, a new Apple store is coming to KOP, and more of what you need to know this morning.

Radnor High School Students Investigated for Posting Classmate’s  Sex Video. Sources tell NBC 10 that three boys are being investigated for allegedly posting video of a 16-year-old classmate having sex. They got the porno off a stolen cell phone. [NBC Philadelphia]

City Union Workers Protest Outside Nutter’s Home. Members of blue- and white-collar city unions, who haven’t had a contract since 2009, held a candlelight vigil outside the Mayor’s pad, claiming Nutter favors the one percent and that he’s “anti-people.”  Nutter didn’t appear to be home.  Unless he just didn’t feel like talking to anyone. [CBSPhilly]

Chris Christie Goes to Vegas. But it’s just for a Republican governors get together–he’s not looking for a fast way to pay for Shore cleanup. Christie says he’ll thank all the other guvs who sent help to Jersey while he’s there. [NBCPhiladelphia]

Analysts Claim Sandy Puts AC’s Revel in Serious Danger of Default. Customers are slow to come back, and the bond market is “concerned.” [philly.com]

Lower Merion Gets to Keep Its Historic Street Signs. Crisis averted.  Phew. [Main Line Times]

Inky Critic Gives “Silver Linings Playbook” Four Stars. Steven Rea goes  gaga for Bradley Cooper. [philly.com]

New Apple Store Opening In King of Prussia.  It will be three times the size of the old one. Which means you can buy your iPad mini in a larger store. God, so ironic.  [Philadelphia Business Journal]